Contributing to Violet

We appreciate any help, in particular we would like to see:

We are excited to have you contribute to this project!

The Process

If you are a new contributor, please sign, scan, and sign the Salesforce Contributor License Agreement.

  1. Search for an existing issue. If none exists, create a new issue so that other contributors can keep track of what you are trying to add/fix and offer suggestions (or let you know if there is already an effort in progress).

  2. Fork the repo on GitHub.

  3. Clone the project to your own machine.

  4. Commit changes to your own branch.

  5. Push your work back up to your fork.

  6. Submit a Pull Request so that we can review your changes.

NOTE: Be sure to merge the latest from master before making a pull request!

When we review any commits we will check to make sure:

Keep an eye on dependencies:

See the license information in the project.