Violet v0.16: Local Voice Testing Support

One of the bigger challenges in building Voice Apps is to do with testing them (by talking to the apps). In this release we made it easier to test your app locally by including a button in the local development tooling to start voice testing.

Voice Apps feel different when you actually talk to them - as opposed to just reading out the prompts. Talking to an app often results in realizing that the app needs to support more variety of inputs and that responses are either too verbose or too short. Other challenges that talking to them finds is figuring out when two user utterances are very close to each other and result in recognition errors.

In order to take advantage of this feature, you will need to make sure that you set the invocationName property when initializing Violet, i.e. the script() call. So if your app is called ‘sleep planner’, then you will be able to click on the mic icon in the web tooling and say ‘violet launch sleep planner’ or ‘violet ask sleep planner to …’.