Violet v0.10: Support for Google Home, Voice-Enabled Mobile Apps, and Web Sites

We are huge fans of Amazon’s Echo Devices, but have had multiple reasons to go beyond. From supporting Voice-Enabled Mobile Apps and Web Sites to supporting Google’s Home Devices, we needed to support another Voice Platform. With this release Violet provides that support via Dialogflow.

With this release Violet supports multiple platforms that provide the underlying speech-to-text and intent-matching services. Amazon’s Alexa is the default platform, but support for Google’s Dialogflow can be enabled in your voice script. To do this change the declaration from: var violet = require('violet').script(appName);


var violet = require('violet').script(appName, require('violet/lib/googlePlatform.js'), endpointName);

With this update we have also updated instructions in the web tooling for registering your voice-app with Alexa or Dialogflow.

This feature enables Violet to do a significant amount of capabilities so we expect it to take a few months to iron our issues. Please let us know if you find any bugs.