Violet v0.9: Allow override of launch response and session close request

This release includes bug fixes and a minor set of user-contributed feedback. In particular, it allows users to customize launch phrases and close requests.

Launch Responses: When a Violet App is launched, it responds back with one of a few launch phrases. The default ones include: ‘Yes. How can I help?’, ‘Hey. Need me?’ and ‘Yup. I am here.’ Now you can call setLaunchPhrases to set alternate launch phrases.

Close Requests: Once a conversation starts with a Violet App, the conversation is considered to be open unless a voice script calls the endConversation method. Users can end conversations as well by saying one of the close request phrases: ‘Thanks’, ‘Thank you’, ‘I am good’ and ‘No I am good’. Now you can call setCloseRequests to set alternate close requests.

Use the API and let us know what you think.