Class: FlowScriptCompiler


A set of static methods that help Violet prep the Conversation Flow for the ConversationEngine


new FlowScriptCompiler()



(static) registerWidget(widgetDef)

Registers a Conversational Element (Widget) to be used in a FlowScript. This method is intended to be called by Widget Implementations when loaded.
Name Type Description
widgetDef Object widget definition
Name Type Description
name String name of the widget
init String implementation for the widget that runs on every element that uses it
impl Object implementation for the widget after it gets triggered, for example with say, prompt, etc
fIntentType Boolean used to flag the parent widgets that are to be triggered when a user says something by calling their impl method. For example, this is used by the choice and the dialog widgets.
fNonNestable Boolean used to flag widgets that are not to be processed by the FlowScriptCompiler, and are needed for example when there are non CFL elements nested inside the given widget. The most obvious example of this is say element which can include SSML tags.
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